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Green Blue Kats


Dr Alexie Papanicolaou


Eternity and the Human


August 2019


Blue Mountains, New South Wales, Australia
50 km from Sydney


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December 2018

Inception: Researching Climate Science is not enough

February 2019

Conception: The Story of the Eternity and a Human

Eternity and the Human

August 2019

Development: "Art-and-Text" Game Engine development started

December 2019

Development: Game Engine 1.0 completed


Founded in 2019, Green Blue Kats is an independent game studio based at the UNESCO-listed World Heritage of the Blue Mountains, Australia. A dramatic scenery of rugged terrain and wildlife instils a dark naturalistic direction to our work.

Narrative direction

Dr Alexie Papanicolaou, an evolutionary geneticist who loves speculative fiction, is leading the studio in producing fantastical narratives that are rich in character development and visual elements but are grounded in 21st Century science.


Green Blue Kats was founded officially in 2019 but was conceived a year prior when Alexie - a research scientist and podcaster - realised that the public needs new methods for learning about ecological science and genetics. Around the same time, Alexie and Elisa Stefaniak, a mathematics PhD student, were playing a role playing game called Summerland which was based on a post-apocalyptic world where nature had overpowered humanity. With a premise similar to one of Elisa's favourite book - The Trees by Ali Shaw, Elisa and Alexie started developing a story about a queer boy that was unwittingly involved in supernatural machinations. This formed the story of our speculative fiction game Eternity and the Human.

Eternity and the Human


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