Eternity and the Human

A post-apocalyptic art-and-text adventure where your choices mold the heroine's personality

Eternity's warning: A Poem

In the beginning, there was darkness.
So I created conciousness.

They called themselves life.
They feared me and each other
That made them even stronger.

One part of them, rose and built like no other.
They talked and loved and fought.
But mainly, they built.

They built for beauty.
They built for war.
They built for seclusion.
They built for togetherness.

And so, together, they grew.
Their communities spanning the Earth
Sprawling, exchanging, fighting, always together.

But their togetherness was misguided
It was exclusive.
For they would kill anything on their way.

Their way could not be hidden for much longer.
The planet I made for them, was not limitless.

In my dreams, the future was precise.
They had seeded their own demise
and everything would follow into oblivion.

I had to act
for I am Eternity
the Mistress of seeds
and I bring Balance.